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Wizard Howl
18 September 2009 @ 01:34 pm
Howl's relationships are all listed in chronological order in regards to when he met them, because it's just easier that way. The deeper the shade of blue in the second column, the closer he feels to them.

Last updated : 9/18/09

Relationship Chart.Collapse )
Wizard Howl
24 August 2009 @ 07:57 pm
[Copies of the first, second and roof maps have been sketched out. There are some calculations written in the margins, along with some corresponding (and largely incomprehensible) notes.]

Followed by a series of magical notes and charts, such as the following.Collapse )
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Wizard Howl
12 August 2009 @ 12:21 am
DAY 43 (First Day - I.R.I.S.)
1st Shift, cafeteria : Wakes up and is shown to the cafeteria where he meets Ryuk.
2nd Shift, sun room : Meets Sakura and gets the newbie talk.
3rd Shift, library : Meets L, where he ends up inviting him along to watch his escape attempt later that night.
4th Shift, arts & crafts room : Howl has difficulties getting a ruler, and finds himself to be a subject for Keman's drawing.
5th Shift, roommates : Gets acquainted with Dean, his new roommate. Both of them are a little leery about the other.
Bulletin : Howl asks about bathing.

NIGHTSHIFT : Howl leaves his room, and goes to wait for L. Keman joins them, and I.R.I.S. acts really creepy. They head towards the Sun Room (I.R.I.S. is unsettling for a second time), and upon entering, they're found by a brainwashed Spiderman. Keman's arm is broken, but they escape into the Arts & Crafts room. There they discover a dead body, and Howl fails miserably at opening a portal. L begins suffer from some disturbing health problems, and appears to die.
DAY 44
1st Shift, cafeteria : Howl learns the hard way that tantrums = sedation. Sakura is kind enough to help him.
2nd Shift, showers : Meets Ciel, and decides it's pointless to pretend he's not a wizard here.
3rd Shift, lunch : Reunites with Keman, and they talk about Ryuuzaki's 'death'.
4th Shift, arts & crafts : Meets Yue, and they complain about the art supplies.
5th Shift, roommates : (Dean)

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Wizard Howl
08 August 2009 @ 07:12 pm
How's my driving?

Have any questions, comments or concerns about how I play Howl? Leave them here for me to see. Constructive criticism is very much encouraged. All responses will be screened, and anonymous comments are enabled.
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